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Chapter 9

As his body sat there the cat began moving. It climbed on his lap and sat down while looking directly at him. It meowed then disappeared into thin air. “Darkness accumulation has begun, Warning once started it cannot be cancelled. Would you like to continue”. He wasn’t conscious to hear it so it fell on dead ears,but something was. A hand made of shadows clicked yes for him. Darkness began to cover his whole body. Rising from the ground until a layer covered his body. It made a perfect shape of his figure then began to seep into him. Elsewhere The sight of the head falling on the ground put fear into everyone present. There was a total of 20 people plus one without a head. As two people walked in to move the body they were quickly decapitated. Everyone fliched “#$+&)$” no one understood the language. A hooded figure walked in and all 20 people knelt. “You have until the next tutorial to find it”. A window appeared above everyone with numbers on it ‘Time until next tutorial: 365 Days’. They all bowed their heads and proceeded to leave. After they all left the hooded figure looked at the Being and bowed then disappeared. The hooded figure re appeared in a room with cameras. One was facing a cage, the cage was so big you could not see where it began or ended, you could barely see the sides. “Playback before it escaped” he said. The video rewinded until the empty cage wasn’t empty anymore. In it was Darkness. A Darkness so big it was like a void. Then a spark appeared before the darkness and it was gone! “That light, I know it but why can’t I place my finger on it. He got lost in thought trying to remember it

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