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Chapter 8

200 years had gone by, no wonder how far he wondered it was an endless darkness. He hadn’t looked at his Window because “I’m literally darkness what’s the point” he thought to him self over and over. After about 5 more years he couldn’t take much more so he started to use all his skills, abilities and weapons to just attack wherever was there. The cat who was still small as a kitten for freaked out at first but after a while fell asleep. When he had done everything he could think of he decided to give up, a day of doing nothing went by. He suddenly jumped up and started swinging his sword. “Back to basics, and so on” he was going to repeat every single thing he was taught since day one. What else was he gonna do. 1,000 swings went by in a flash, 3,000, then 10,000. “New skill develop: Night Slash: You have slashed the darkness”. He was shocked. He wasn’t on his world anymore nor any for that matter so where did this come from? He thought about it until he didn’t, “Anyways”, he thought. 1 year basic training went by. All his basic skills had developed into “Night” but that’s not all. His sight, smell, vision, hearing and feeling had all leveled up as well. He could now “feel” the path he was walking on. Before this it was almost like he was walking on air but now? He felt the ground! He could see the cat as well, not just the whites in its eyes but from the fur to the tail, and whiskers. He was surprised but he felt something lacking. “I need dark magic. I was never able to get the skill no matter what I did but maybe.” He began to gather magic in the palm of his hand. Nothing happened, 2 weeks went by nothing. A year went by still nothing but he didn’t give up! What else was he going to do? Right now his only objective was conquering this and all Night! After 4 years he noticed a change in his “Mana Ball” whenever he would charge it he would see a bit of darkness sneak its way in. His goal was in sight. Another 6 years went by a quarter of the “Mana Ball” was filled with darkness. Another 5 years by and that’s where his troubles began again. He has managed to get half of the “Mana Ball” covered in darkness but no progress was seen after that. But he kept going. 10 years went by nothing still. He kept trying. One day he decided to pause and meditate, kinda funny meditating to learn darkness? He sat still for days. Then one day, he was just thinking of ideas, anything was fine “This, that, this” he thought as he was lost in thought. Then as he began meditating to clear all those thoughts. The cat sat in front of him. He was just staring at him sitting in a meditating position. Then as he began to meditate he heard a meow. It was a gentle meow but it wasn’t loud either. It was soothing. He heard it then after a few sec he was..still, motionless, breathless. It was as if his soul left his body and it was just an empty vessel.

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